Our Environmental & Energy Policy

Sustainability means future viability

Environmental protection and environmentally sound management assures the future of a company. An economy that exploits the resources with which it works in an exclusively efficiency-oriented way will, in the not-too-distant future, no longer have any resources left. Nowadays, basic raw materials like the apparently inexhaustible sand are already being traded on the black market. The raw material aluminium is likewise not inexhaustible. Only if we work effectively, that is in a sustainable, environmentally aware and resource-conserving way, will our company be a successful player on the market in the medium and long term as well.

In accordance with the concept of strategically safeguarding the future, we have observed the requirements of the macro and the micro-environment: what developments of a politico-social, ecological and economic nature are apparent in global development and in our immediate competitive environment? What interests are our stakeholders pursuing, and how is our company positioned in relation to the external factors? In accordance with our company’s basic corporate principles, the current general legal conditions and the claims of our stakeholders, we have defined and determined our strategic objectives for our Environmental & Energy Policy.

We are committed to realising and further developing a management system in conformity with DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001,

  • to constantly optimise our processes and avoid environmental pollution
  • to adhere to the binding obligations and legal requirements,
  • to create the general conditions for implementing the strategic and operational environment and energy-related objectives.

We make our Environmental & Energy Policy transparent for all staff, customers, suppliers and interested parties. We ensure the observance and continuous evaluation of our environment and energy management systems at all company levels through regular internal and external audits as well as the annual management review.

The basic principles of our environment-oriented approach

  • Sustainable use of raw and auxiliary materials, energy, water and other resources
  • Recyclability of our products
  • Considering environmental and energy-related effects when planning and procuring plants and operating materials
  • Reducing waste and pollutant emissions.
  • Continuous monitoring of our energy consumption and energy performance
  • Open dialogue with the authorities and interested groups
  • Involving our suppliers and service providers in our environmental policy
  • Motivating our staff to behave in an environment and energy-conscious way
  • Showing consideration towards neighbours of GUTMANN ALUMINIUM DRAHT GMBH