Highest professionalism with corners and edges too


various forms from 2.7 g / m to> 700 g / m


1000er Serie, 3000er Serie, 6000er Serie;
other alloys on request


Wooden boxes
Our wooden boxes are heat treated
Sea freight solution possible

Wooden coils
According to your needs

According to your needs

Your advantages, thanks to DRAWN ALUMINIUM PROFILE RODS

  • Small sizes starting from 1 mm x 1 mm with precise tolerances (weight per meter: 2.7 g/m up to over 700 g/m)
  • Great alloy diversity with a wide variety of mechanical properties
  • Low tool costs
  • Samples and small quantities can be delivered extremely quickly
  • Flexible delivery methods; cuts and spooled profiles also available
  • ISO-certified company: IATF 16949, DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015
  • Laboratory tests, such as mechanical tests, metallographic studies and spectral analyses
  • Special heat treatment of the profiles makes it possible to create different mechanical attributes
  • Length-optimised bars to reduce scrap metal
  • One stop solution: profiles, sawn sections (cut lenghts) and welding wire
  • We can supply aluminium flat bars


Areas of application for DRAWN ALUMINIUM PROFILE RODS

"Plate and bar" heat exchangers (Fields of application of these heat exchangers: tractors, trains, trucks, construction machinery, ships and industrial vehicles in general)