How GAD became what it is today

Securing the future through entrepreneurialism and innovation

From 1937 to the present

1937  Hermann Gutmann Werke (wires and extrusion profiles) founded by Hermann Gutmann on Nürnberger Strasse in Weissenburg.

1987  HERMANN GUTMANN FOUNDATION founded, which takes over the ownership of the firm.

2001  GUTMANN ALUMINIUM DRAHT GMBH founded under managing director Paul Habbel.

2002  The Tzortsis family acquires 51% of Hermann Gutmann Werke GmbH (HGW) and 49% of GUTMANN ALUMINIUM DRAHT (GAD). The HERMANN GUTMANN FOUNDATION retains 49% and 51% respectively. GAD continues to develop as one of the market leaders for aluminium wires and flat and profile rods.

2014  GUTMANN ALUMINIUM DRAHT GMBH moves to its own manufacturing site in the southwest of Weissenburg.

2018  Thomas Merten takes over from Paul Habbel as managing director.

As a spokesman, adviser and mentor for developing companies undergoing cultural change, Paul Habbel brings to fruition his ideas, formed during his time at GAD, on how to create a vibrant and successful working and commercial culture. Contact:

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